Visit the birthplace of voodoo in January

Visit the birthplace of voodoo in January

Benin is known as the birthplace of voodoo (Vodun). It was called the Kingdom of Dahomey, later conquered by Portuguese and French and the main Adrican slave trade hub.
Ouidah is a center of the voodoo religion in Benin, and arguably the world. In 1992 Ouidah held the first international festival dedicated to the art and culture of voodoo. Since then January 10 has been declared a national holiday.
In Abomey, Dahomey’s former capital, the Historical Museum occupies two royal palaces with bas-reliefs recounting the kingdom’s past and a throne mounted on human skulls.
To the north, Pendjari National Park offers safaris with elephants, hippos and lions.

Air Maroc is offering a flight from Nantes to Benin (Cotonou) for USD558/EUR534 between 21.01-28.01.2017

Hotel Ibis Cotonou has good reviews, is 15 minutes away from the airport and just in front of the beach. Ouidah is 40km west from Cotonou.
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Be cautious as street crime is a significant problem in Cotonou according to US State Department. Robbery and muggings occur along the Boulevard de France (the beach road by the Marina and Novotel Hotels), on the beaches near hotels frequented by international visitors. Benin is wonderfully tourist friendly compared to most of its neighbours like Niger or Burkina Faso.


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