FlyDubai Weekend Super Sale – up to 50% off

FlyDubai Weekend Super Sale – up to 50% off

FlyDubai is offering discounts up to 50% for its flights! I bought a flight to Goa for EUR200 during previous campaign in October. Unfortunately Goa is not included in current offer as all tickets were sold this Autumn.

I searched flights from Bratislava (BTS), Istanbul (SAW), Belgrade (BEG), Skopje (SKP),  Prague (PRG), Sofia (SOF),  Sarajevo (SJJ)  to Dubai (DXB), Maldives (MLE), Entebbe (EBB), Dar es Salaam (DAR) and Zanzibar (ZNZ). Prices start from less than EUR200 from Europe to Dubai.

Validity: until midday 25.12.2016. Don’t miss these prices!

Travel dates: until 28.10.2017

Click on the links below to see available dates, to adjust and reserve the flights. For some flights I suggest to filter  FlyDubai in Providers filter to check only their prices.


1) From Bratislava

BTS-DXB, 2017-02-20>2017-03-10
BTS- MLE, 2017-02-20>2017-03-09
BTS- EBB, 2017-02-10>2017-02-24
BTS- DAR, 2017-02-13>2017-02-24
BTS-ZNZ, 2017-02-06>2017-02-16


2) From Istanbul
SAW-DXB, 2017-02-13>2017-02-20
SAW- MLE, 2017-02-13>2017-02-21
SAW- EBB, 2017-02-13>2017-02-24
SAW- DAR, 2017-02-05>2017-02-16
SAW-ZNZ, 2017-02-06>2017-02-16


3) From Belgrade
BEG-DXB, 2017-02-11>2017-02-21
BEG- MLE, 2017-02-13>2017-02-20
BEG- EBB, 2017-02-13>2017-02-24
BEG- DAR, 2017-02-20>2017-03-06
BEG-ZNZ, 2017-01-31>2017-02-13


4) From Skopje
SKP-DXB, 2017-02-13>2017-02-23
SKP- MLE, 2017-02-20>2017-03-01
SKP- DAR, 2017-02-02>2017-02-15


5) From Prague
PRG-DXB, 2017-01-17>2017-01-25
PRG- MLE, 2017-02-14>2017-02-27
PRG- EBB, 2017-02-10>2017-02-25
PRG- DAR, 2017-02-10>2017-02-21
PRG-ZNZ, 2017-02-10>2017-02-20


6) From Sofia
SOF-DXB, 2017-02-08>2017-02-15
SOF- MLE, 2017-02-10>2017-02-21
SOF- EBB, 2017-01-20>2017-01-28
SOF- DAR, 2017-02-08>2017-02-18
SOF-ZNZ, 2017-02-08>2017-02-18


7) Sarajevo
SJJ-DXB, 2017-02-11>2017-02-20
SJJ- MLE, 2017-01-27>2017-02-12
SJJ- EBB, 2017-02-03>2017-02-17
SJJ- DAR, 2017-01-27>2017-02-09
SJJ-ZNZ, 2017-01-23>2017-02-09

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